Smart Home Bus

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  Hotel VIP Service Requester Panel Simplified Energy Master Control Switch with Delay ..
HVAC-TC Module (G4s) Both DIN-Rail and trail Click Mount, Bus Enabled, Cascadable. Good for Retro..
DIN-Rail Mount Advanced Climate Control Module that installs near HAVC unit to save cost of wiring a..
Impulse Metering Module SmartBUS (G4) - SB-Impulse-UN Bus Enabled, Volt-free Digital Impulse Mete..
$51.00 $99.00
Bus Enabled, Addressable 3-Zone Input and output Module. used for Automation, to connect to any door..
$86.00 $99.00
Unbeatable Functions and Price, Best for Mass Resedential and commercial Projects for energy Saving,..
iVDP2-Universal internet Video Door Phone with Door Lock Release. Ready with IOS and Android Apps..
$200.00 $75.00
3 Channel LED Driver Booster (RGB), works with both 24 nd 12VDC LED types. (Constant Voltage LE..
This Product is Smart-BUS ready LED Driver that Can Be used to control DC Constant Voltage LED Fixtu..
$122.00 $145.00
Mini Sized 2-Circuits Module designed with Variable adjustment to Fit almost any LED circuit and cre..
LED Power Supply OE-PSLED5A-FL LED-Power Supply 5A Capacity, 12VDC X 5A Power supply for Costant ..
$26.00 $35.00
DIN-Rail Mount, Central Time Clock and Main Automation Controller. It is the smart system servant th..
DIN-Rail Mount: 5Isolated Areas Mix Controller. This Mix Control module is designed to Handle almost..