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MIL Touch Thermostat and switch Panel with Occupancy Buit in Occupancy Sensor and Logic &n..
High Sensitivity Current Transformer Easy Clamp-On Type. For use with SB-24CTR-DN ..
5 IR Reciever Eye with Cable and Connector Pack of 3 IR Emitters (Flashers) with Jacks, and 1 set..
Museum Demo BAG - Case SB-Museum-Bag This Kit is Best Sales Tool for Selling to Museums and SHo..
Ceiling Mount PIR Sensor Normal NO/NC Enabled 12VDC 360 Degrees PIR detection with Dual Element..
$20.00 $25.00
Wall Mount PIR Sensor Normal NO/NC Enabled 12VDC 80 Degrees PIR detection with Dual Element and..
$20.00 $25.00
Occupancy Sensor and Comfort Enhancer People Counter By Bob Dunagan S-BUS Enabled. Wall mountable..
Bus Enabled. Addressable Ceiling Mountable PIR sensor. It was designed perfectly for Automation Indu..
PM CT24 Power Meter 24 Channel Recorder, SB-CTM24-DN CT 24Port Reader with Alert By Philip Gan (G..
$262.00 $300.00
Set of 2 Speakers and Power Supply Bluetooth Portable Loud Speakers with KOK Pole Mounable or C..
Wall Panels and Switches Touch panel Plastics Din rail public Plastic moulding Lighting C..
Resound Art Speakers is ideal for small to medium sized home cinema installations, and for commercia..
$1,500.00 $5,800.00