Door Access Reader/Controller Panel - SB-XS-WL

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Door Access Reader/Controller Panel, Mifare Proximity Card Reader, Flash Memory Download by USB to Secure software, Door Relay for Lock Control, Built in Logic Control Module & Time Clock) Back Lit, Online update. Bus Enabled Network. Secure, Screw less Fixing Magnet Technology, Include 1Z for Door Magnet, No Need for Special Back box (Uses standard 3x3)




Switches and wall panels (Features compared)

Old Smart-BUS

New S-BUS G4

Buttons and Surround Finish Material Improvement



Glass Material Improvement

Thick & Bulky

I Phone Quality 0.8mm Glass

Back Module Size

Do not Fit all Countries

Fits all countries

Upgrading without opening the Device

Not Possible

By Mini USB

Ability to Snap Connect/Disconnect Cables

Not Possible

Snap In Connector

Ability to Locate IR receiver nearer to user location

Not Possible

Flexible with Snap in Connector

PCB Electronics Design Complexity

2 Complex Boards

Single simple Board

User Graphics Interface


Improved Icons

Integration to Z-Audio with auto update


Advanced Auto

Fixed Display Panel (FDP)

Not Available


Easy Backup and Restore using Configuration SW

Not Available


Work on Both BUS and Cloud Technology

Not Possible


Buttons Size and Workability of Soft switches (1-6 Gang)

Smaller, single side operation

Wider and Bigger with Both sides Operation

Panels Security not to be simple to remove from wall

Not Secure

Secured by Clamps, Magnets, and screw Locks

Metal Plate Twist and Screw Installation Simplicity

Not Possible


Design Standards

Asian Curved Design

Modern European Touch

Anti static Electricity Grounding and discharge

Not Part of Original Design

Embedded and Implemented in Design

Programming and Pairing Manually to Lighting, Dimming, HVAC, and Music

Not Possible


Flexible Fascia changing (many varieties)

Difficult, Very Thick


All Other Standard Smart-BUS Advanced Automation Features



Q. If the customer wants to stop the shutter in the middle, how it can be done? Must use logic?
A. If you would like to add the function of stopping shutter, you don't need make the logic. You can do the programming as following:
Make one button on DDP as the function of stopping shutter:
Button Mode: Combination off,
Button configuration: suppose to you are using CH 1 & CH 2 as shutter, make ch1 & Ch2 both off

Q. How to Backup the Device
A. Go to Menu Backup, Device Backup

Q: DDP menu is not organised it does not run in order it jumps like page 1, music, AC, Heating, Page 2, 3 & 4
A: We designed them like that. DDP has 7 pages in total, 3 of them are fixed page(Music,AC,floor heating), 4 of them are dynamic page ( from 1 to 4). The default page is page 1, press left button it will go to Music, press right button it will go to AC, Since there 3 page are most often to use.


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