Hotel Card Encoder - SB-CardeRR-FL

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The Hotel Lock System is a system based on personal PC and RFID proximity card & lock. It brings three essential qualities: Security, Simpleness, Efficiency together and offers the best market value and convenience for hotel staff and guest.

RFID hotel lock is a card lock which uses proximity technology. It works by reading RFID card in contactless way. IC hotel lock is different, it works by insert an IC (integrated circuit) card.

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1. Communication: USB 1.0 (with Computer)
2. Power Supply: 5V ( Powered by USB)
3. Working Current: <120mA
4. Reading Distance: <6cm
5. Card Type: 1K M1 S50 Card, 13.56MHZ
6. Software: Hotel Lock Software Required
7. Weight: 135g
8. Color: White
9. Dimension: 120x95x28mm

Mifare Card Encoder for Hotel GRMS, good for up to 4K of Data coding and Reading Per Card

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