2D1R 2 Dimmer + 1 Relay Mini. Mix Trail Click Module SB-2D1R-TC

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2Dimmer + 1Relay Trail Click Module is both DIN-Rail and trail Click Mount, Bus Enabled, Cascadable. Good for Retrofit and for Installations where DB size is Limited. (Works for Both Wired S-BUS G4 and Wireless S-Wave enabled Networks). Consists of: 2 Leading Edge Dimmer Channels 1A per Channel, and 1 ch. Relay 5A per channel. Built in 4Z Dry Inputs for Using with Normal Switches and NO/NC sec.


80-230VAC, 50/60Hz 3-Lines
power consumption: 20-30mA
3 Addressable Outputs :
2Dimmer x 1A
1Relays x 5A
4-Dry Input(volt Free)
NC/NO(Internal Assignment
enable using Software setup)
Load Rating Range
This Module is Meant to be
used mainly with Low Current
applications. Rating Guide:
For relays: 12-30VDC= 6A
110VAC = 5A
220VAC = 5A
For Dimmer: 1A(80-230VAC)
Control IO
2 x Advanced RS485 S-BUS
serial port links (train types)
Upgrade IO
1 x mini USB port (to connect to
special programming board)
User Controls
• LED status indicator/channel
• Diagnostic LED+ BROADCAST
• Advanced Software Configuration
& Programming
UL Listed Relays Inside
Internal Protection
• BUS Rv. Polarity Protection
• BUS Short Circuit Protection
• Over Load Protection
Preset and scenes
3 x 12 build scenes
SBUS DC Supply
24VDC with flexible tolerance
between 8-36VDC. Flexible
ability to add power supply as
to be needed any where
Power consumption: 15mA
• universal Mount Ready
Operating Environment
0º to 45ºC ambient temperature
20% to 93% RH
Enclosure material
APS Polycarbonate,
Dimensions & Weight
W 54mm x L 46mm x H 31mm
Packed weight 0.05 kg

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