CTP-Color Capacitive Touch Panel SB-CTP-UN

Sale CTP-Color Capacitive Touch Panel SB-CTP-UN
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Compatible TechnologySmart-BUS
Country/Region of ManufactureUSA
Added features
Black or White color
Colorful LCD Screen.
Lighting page x2,
Music x1, Mood x1page, LED
x 1, DMX x1 ,Security x1,
Curtain x2page, TV page x1
Home status ++.
IR Eye Enabled
PIR, Microphone sensor,
3 dry Input
Screw less mounting
Easy S-BUS connector tech.
Control Applications
Lighting, Music, Curtain,
AC, Mood, LED, Security,
Media, Home Status ++
User Controls
• user touch Screen
• Diagnostics + BROADCAST
Button behavior
Touch (on/Off toggle)
Dragging for dimming

• Advanced Software Configuration
& Programming

Control IO
1 x Advanced RS485 S-BUS
serial port links (both train &
screw link types)
Upgrade IO
1 x mini USB port (to connect to
special programming board)
Operation Protection
• BUS Rv. Polarity Protection
• BUS Short Circuit Protection
SBUS DC Supply
24VDC with flexible tolerance
between 8-32VDC. Flexible
ability to add power supply as
to be needed any where
Power consumption: 100mA
Operating Environment
0º to 45ºC ambient temperature
20% to 93% RH

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