SEC Security/Safety Monitoring Module (G4) - SB-SEC250K-DN

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DIN-Rail Mount Security Monitoring Module. It can Handle and Monitor 250,000 Addressable Zones. Ready with 6 Protection Preset Modes as well as 24 Hour Monitored Zones. It Support up to 8 Different Areas in one Module. Monitoring compatible for both NO/NC, Panic, Entry, Exit with Delay, 1-4Times with exit time restart, SMS and Dial up to 10 Numbers for Each Alarm type at different Shift. Bypass, restore, reset, siren Delay, with Lock all Panels ability. Added function and recorded Alarm History Recall.

SEC Compatibility

• Burglary 
• Water Leak 
• Gas Leak 
• Fire Backup
• NO/NC 
• Logical / BUS Enabled

Connection Port:

Smart-Bus Security/Safety Monitoring Module (G4) - SB-SEC250K-DN - GTIN(UPC-EAN): 0610696254047



Security Modes
Vacation, Away, Night, Night
with Guest, Day, Off
24 Hours Monitored Zones

Addressable Zones
Up to 250,000 Addressable

Maximum Areas
Each Module can Handle up to
8 Areas or Buildings

Control IO
3 x Advanced RS485 S-BUS
serial port links (both train &
screw link types)

Upgrade IO
1 x mini USB port (to connect to
special programming board)

User Controls
• LED status indicator/channel
• Diagnostic LED+ BROADCAST

• Advanced Software Configuration
& Programming


Operation Protection
• BUS Rv. Polarity Protection
• BUS Short Circuit Protection

Trigger Delay Time
Configurable Delay as To be
Assigned as Entry, Exit, Siren.
Delay can be 1 Time, 2 Times, 3
times, or 4Times.

SBUS DC Supply
24VDC with flexible tolerance
between 8-32VDC. Flexible
ability to add power supply as
to be needed any where
Power consumption: 15mA

• 35mm DIN-Rail Mount Ready
• Wall Mount Ready (4P)

Operating Environment
0º to 45ºC ambient temperature
20% to 93% RH

Enclosure & Size
Polycarbonate, DIN-rail (4 Unit)

Dimensions & Weight
W 91mm x L 73mm x H 75mm
Packed weight 0.22 kg

Q: How to Upgrade the S-bus Module (DDP, RELAY, DIMMERS, SECURITY) Need upgrade kit?
A: Watch

Smart-Bus Security/Safety Monitoring Module (G4) - SB-SEC250K-DN - GTIN(UPC-EAN): 0610696254047 - SBUS Connecttion


Softwares and Firmwares


• Homes 
• Hotels 
• Restaurants 
• Luxury Boats
• Schools 
• Factories 
• Prayer Halls 

• Commercial centers

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