8DM Smart-Bus Dimmer 8ch 1.5Amp SB-DIM8C1A-DN

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DIN-Rail Mount Dimmer 8ch 1.5A /per ch. with scene controller (Overheat, Overload, Surge Protection) single phase both 220/110 VAC, 50-60Hz (Green operated supplied by 24VAC/30mA) Small and elegant with easy labeling space, output status LED indicator, network health, broadcast address button and Momentary channel button. Can be used in any location that require energy saving, intelligent control such as apartment, Villa, Offices, Restaurant, Hotels or factories. Can be Manually Programmed by any Electrician on site without need for PC.

*Gradual Fade Over Time range Enabled, *Scene record from Multi Device Enabled.

Load Compatibility

• Leading edge electronic transformers (Spot/Down Lights++)
• Incandescent lamps
• Track lighting

Mounting Dimensions:

SmartBus Dimmer 8ch 1.5Amp /ch - SB-DIM8C1A-DN - GTIN (UPC-EAN): 0610696254702


SmartBus Dimmer 8ch 1.5Amp /ch - SB-DIM8C1A-DN - GTIN (UPC-EAN): 0610696254702 (Datasheet)

80-240V, 50/60Hz Single Phase
power consumption: 25-35mA

8 x dimmed outputs
(leading edge phase control) at
1.25-1.5A each output channel

Maximum Total Load
10A recommended total load

Control IO
3 x Advanced RS485 S-BUS
serial port links (both train &
screw link types)

Upgrade IO
1 x mini USB port (to connect to
special programming board)

User Controls
• front panel override switches,
Includes ON/OFF/AUTO override
switch for each channel
• LED status indicator/channel
• Diagnostic LED+ BROADCAST

• Manual Ch. Pairing Programming
Each Channel to a Button
on Wall Panels (e.g. DDP, 6B)
• Advanced Software Configuration
& Programming

CE Mark Low Voltage

Internal Protection
• Over Heat Protection
• Over Load Protection
• BUS Rv. Polarity Protection
• BUS Short Circuit Protection

Preset and Scenes
8X12 Built in Scenes, and 8X4
Sequence Modes and Logics.

• 35mm DIN-Rail Mount Ready
• Wall Mount Ready (8P)

SBUS DC Supply
24VDC with flexible tolerance
between 8-36VDC. Flexible
ability to add power supply as
to be needed anywhere

Supply Terminals
Line, 3X Neutral. 2 x 2.5mm2
or 1 x 4mm2 max conductor size

Output Terminals
COM. 1X OUT for each channel
1 x 4mm2 max conductor size

Operating Environment
-10º to 45ºC ambient temperature
10% to 93% RH

Enclosure & Size
Polycarbonate, DIN-rail (8 Unit)

Dimensions & Weight
W 91mm x L 145mm x H 75mm
Packed weight 0.7kg

SmartBus Dimmer 8ch 1.5Amp /ch - SB-DIM8C1A-DN - GTIN (UPC-EAN): 0610696254702


Softwares and Firmwares

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