SWave Wireless Bridge - Trail Click Module SBW-sWave-TC

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S-Wave TC Module Is both DIN-Rail and trail Click Mount, Bus Enabled, Good for Creating Wireless Cable Mesh Effect between Smart-BUS G4 Units. Built in 24VDC Power Supply 350mA. Adjustable LOS coverage Range 60- 2000 Meters. And adjustable Frequency by Programming. (Works for Both Wired and Wireless Points as well as Networks). Converts Wired G4 Devices to 2-Way Wireless Devices simultaneously. Accepts Pairing, Programming Functions wirelessly. Built in 4Z Dry Inputs for Sec. Impulse ++ **Added function: Bigger screw terminals, Broadcast button, and mini USB firmware upgrade port.


4-Dry Inputs (Volt Free)
Internal Assignment enabled
using Software setup
Control types
* RS485 S-BUS serial port links
*Three touch switch
*IR remote (5-7 meters)
*RF by other device
Upgrade IO
1 mini USB port
User Controls
*LED status indicator/channel
*Diagnostic LED+ BROADCAST
Operation Protection
*Over load Protection
*Over temperature Protection
*Load short Protection
*BUS Rv. Polarity Protection
*BUS Short Circuit Protection
AC Supply
SBUS DC Supply
24VDC with flexible tolerance
between 8-36VDC. Flexible
ability to add power supply as
to be needed any where
Power consumption: 15mA
Operating Environment
0º to 45ºC ambient temperature
20% to 93% RH
RF feature:
bandwidth :433MHZ
Sensitivity = -121 dBm
Output power range: +20 dBm
Power consumption:
18.5mA receive
85 mA @ _20 dBm transmit
Data rate = 100 kbps
L 46.06mm X W 23mm X
H 50mm

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